Laser Skin Treatments - Photorejuvenation

Dramatic results and beautiful, youthful skin can be yours with the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light laser) photofacial. At Eternal Beauty n Beyond  we use the Palomar Icon™, a revolutionary new laser, to erase the effects of sun damage, rosacea and the appearance of facial vessels. The Palomar Icon laser consists of a high-powered beam of light that is cool to the touch that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin and eliminates flaws. With very little discomfort and little to no down time, our clients enjoy a more even-coloured skin tone, smaller pore size, softer and smoother skin, radiant complexion, and an overall revitalized appearance.

Why is photorejuvenation the simple choice for clearer, younger-looking skin?

  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • No downtime—usually can return to activities immediately
  • Fast, easy treatment sessions
  • Minimal risk of scarring or infection
  • Treat face, neck, chest, hands, arms & legs

IPL PhotoFacial Prices:

Full Face
Hands & Fingers
Spot Treat (Age Spots)
Spot Treat (Rosacea, Telangiectasia, Cherry Angiomas)
Skintel Melanin Reader

What is a melanin reader and how can it improve my treatment outcomes?

The Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ provides an additional element of treatment confidence by determining the average melanin density of skin, in a quantitative manner, prior to laser or IPL based  aesthetic treatment - such as hair removal or photorejuvenation. Understanding how much melanin is in the skin helps the aesthetic professional to better choose the treatment settings on laser and IPL devices for enhanced treatment outcomes, while minimizing risk of over treatment.

* The Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ is FDA cleared and is only available from Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.


Before & After Photos

light-based-skin-rejuvenation-treatment-1.jpg light-based-skin-rejuvenation-treatment-2.jpg
light-based-skin-rejuvenation-treatment-3.jpg light-based-skin-rejuvenation-treatment-4.jpg


Recently asked questions:

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial Rejuvenation is the process of harnessing an Intense pulse light to treat brown spots, age spots, rosacea, red blotches, blemishes, freckles and acne skin damage. It is a safe procedure with lasting results.

What are the Benefits of Laser Photo Rejuvenation?

If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your skin, facial rejuvenation may be a viable option for you. With a decrease in fine lines and pigment, Vessels and a smoothing of skin texture, a more youthful appearance is achieved. Satisfactory results should be obtained within three to six treatments.  Using the Newest Palomar Icon IPL laser with the skintel to give you the safest and ultimate results.

Is Photo Rejuvenation Safe?

All surgical procedures carry some level of risk. However, Facial Rejuvenation is a relatively safe procedure. Our medical professional will discuss all of the possible risks associated with Facial Rejuvenation with you before performing the procedure.

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